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This proposed methodology is open for public comment until 14 November 2019.

The review process will be undertaken according to the Reef Credit Methodology Approval Procedures and the process will be assured by the Reef Credit Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Details of the TAC Membership and Terms of Reference are on the website.

All comments should be submitted to the Secretariat at using the Public Consultation Feedback Form.

All submissions will be published on the website at the conclusion of the public consultation and peer review process. Submissions will also be provided to methodology developer and peer reviewers. Please do not include personally identifying information or comments about other persons in the body of your submission. Contact details will not be published or otherwise disclosed.

Summary description of proposed methodology

This methodology describes the approach to achieve and quantify reductions in Fine Sediment (FS) from rural landscapes through gully rehabilitation, within the catchments of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area (GBRWHA).

The scope of this methodology includes the design and implementation of landscape rehabilitation measures to reduce the amount of sediment loss from gully erosion. Gully rehabilitation interventions may include:

1)            Engineered rock-chute head control structures;

2)            Engineered grade control structures;

3)            Gully reshaping and capping with rock or mulch, or both;

4)            Gully catchment drainage diversion structures (contour-banks and flow-spreaders);

5)            Soil amelioration (i.e. with gypsum and other non-toxic chemical stabilisers);

6)            Revegetation of treated gullies and gully catchments;

7)            Livestock exclusion;

8)            Grazing management;

This methodology is not limited to the above interventions and activities to rehabilitate gullies but the project must provide a Gully Rehabilitation and Management Plan that describes the proposed gully rehabilitation interventions, management and monitoring activities for the project duration.


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