Partners and Governance

The Reef Credit Scheme is administered by Eco-Markets Australia Limited, an independent not for profit company limited  by guarantee incorporated in Queensland, Australia. The company is governed by a skills-based Board of Directors, with the day-to-day administration of the Reef Credit Standard delegated to the Secretariat. The Members of the not for profit company are organisations and agencies that have endorsed the principles and objectives of the Reef Credit Guide and Standard.

The Board and Secretariat are supported on technical aspects of the Reef Credit Standard and Methodologies by a Technical Advisory Committee.

The Board and Secretariat are supported by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The purpose of the TAC is to ensure a high level of integrity in Reef Credit Scheme processes.

The TAC has endorsed its Terms of Reference and its role includes advising the Reef Credit Secretariat, on request, in relation to:

a. the Methodology Approval Procedures (MAPs);
b. the selection of peer reviewers, to assure their subject matter expertise and independence;
c. the implementation of the methodology approval process to ensure adherence to the MAPs, including the approach to peer review and public consultation.

Technical Advisory Committee Members

Bob Speirs – Chair
Jane Waterhouse – Member
Robert O’Sullivan – Member