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Reef Credit Foundation Methodologies

Foundation Reef Credit Methodologies for use under the Reef Credit Standard were developed in parallel with the Reef Credit Standard and Program Guide. The Reef Credit Secretariat will be seeking comment on a number of Reef Credit Foundation Methodologies .

Methodology design has involved a series of workshops with experts from research organisations, universities and partners as well as targeted meetings with key stakeholders and the establishment of several technical working groups (co-ordinated by GreenCollar).

Four foundation Methodologies have been drafted so far, to account for nutrient (dissolved inorganic nitrogen/DIN) reduction and sediment reduction, falling under two categories: reducing pollutant run-off through practice change or ecosystem repair.

Foundation Methodologies:
Dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) reduction
− ‘Reduction in nutrient run-off through managed fertiliser application’ practice change (approved)
− ‘Reduction in nutrient run-off through wetland systems’ ecosystem repair
Sediment reduction
− ‘Reduction in sediment run-off through gully remediation’ ecosystem repair (approved)
− ‘Reduction in sediment run-off through improved grazing practice’ practice change

At the conclusion of the drafting process, the Methodologies will be subject to peer review prior to adoption under the Reef Credit Standard in accordance with the rules set out in the Standard.